Where to Find Chocolate

What shopping trip does not include a stop at a chocolatier or some other place to at least grab a few pieces of chocolate? Here are the places you can stop to get your chocolate fix when you’re out for a “shop ’til you drop” day.

South Coast Plaza

Being a large Godiva at South Coast Plazamall, South Coast luckily has two places to get chocolate. There used to be a third—a Ghirardelli’s complete with an ice cream section—but that closed years ago.

Godiva is located on the second floor in the Saks Fifth Avenue wing. As with all Godivas, if you are a member and spend a certain amount there per year, Godiva will give you a free sample.

There is also a See’s on the lower level in Carousel Court.

Fashion Island

Teuscher Chocolates at Fashion IslandThis is one of the only Teuscher’s in Southern California. If you are not familiar with Teuscher’s, you may want to find out more, as this definitely is a chocolatier worth going to! Their pieces are not what you would consider cheap, but they are a worthy treat. If you like liquor-type chocolates, you will enjoy Teuscher’s, but they also have other pieces, such as buttercrunch truffles, that are worth the visit.

Fashion Island also has relatively new See’s, so be sure to check it out!

California Marketplace

The California Marketplace right outside Knott’s Berry Farm has a store called the Berry Market, which has a chocolate area. This store is generally fun to browse, as well, with its signature Knott’s jelly and other fun cooking and kitchen items.

Main Street Stores in Huntington Beach

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory on Main Street in Huntington BeachThough this isn’t a traditional shopping center, the Main Street stores don’t disappoint in the chocolate department. Amidst the stores sporting bathing suits and souvenirs, you will also find a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Just make sure you’re not going to be going over to the beach and sitting in the sun after buying your chocolate, unless you like it mushy.

Old World

Chocolate at E.C. Market in Old World VillageOld World in Huntington Beach does not have a chocolatier per se, but if you need a chocolate fix while you’re there, check out the E.C. Market. Some interesting chocolates can be found there, such as Mozart choco.