Indoor Swap Meet of Stanton

Indoor Swap Meet of StantonLocation: 10401 Beach Blvd., Stanton

Parking: Free

Walking into the Indoor Swap Meet of Stanton, I saw a huge staircase going up to vendors on the second floor. And of course, there are vendors covering the first floor, as well. It appears that the vendors may change, though some may be permanent (hard to say, as I haven’t been there enough to know for sure).

The term “indoor swap meet” definitely fits; the only difference between this and a typical swap meet (besides it being indoors) is that the vendors are all businesses of some sort, as opposed to having some swap meet sellers just getting rid of old stuff from their home, etc.

A lot of the vendors are the types of places you’d find at the O.C. Marketplace (though this is on a smaller scale). Some clothes and fashion vendors when I went were selling some very cute, unique items. There were people selling purses, luggage, cell phone accessories and a lot more…even a tattoo area.

Stanton Indoor Swap Meet Vendors

Left: The Indoor Swap Meet of Stanton is a relaxed, casual shopping atmosphere. Right: Some eclectic styles and accessories can be found here.


Indoor Swap Meet of Stanton Notes

Indoor Swap Meet of Stanton Video Games

What other swap meet or marketplace shopping area can you find video game consoles?

It doesn’t take long to go through the indoor swap meet, so if you don’t feel like a long day of shopping, this is a good place to go.

One very interesting thing about this shopping area is that it has a collection of video games. So, that’s a plus if you have kids that would rather play games than shop.

Overall, this seems like a good place to go for a fairly quick shopping fix. Also, the clothes and purse vendors again have some unique-lookiing items.

Visit the Indoor Swap Meet of Stanton website for more information.

Nearby: California Marketplace, Buena Park; Hobby City